Arena Stage:
The Greatest Poem

Neon Zoo invited me to create the opening shot of an animated poem, commissioned by Arena Stage. From Neon Zoon:

“What does it truly mean to be American? We brought together a team of world-class artists to answer that question, resulting in a tapestry of styles and interpretations from people with a multitude of experiences from all over the U.S. and beyond.”

Director: Elyse Kelly Writer: Philippa Hughes Sequence directors: Rohan McDonald, Nazlı Cem, Zoë Soriano, Eric Larson, Catalina Matamoros, Cynthia Chu, Yoon Su Lee, Nijah Brown, Sofia Diaz, Mithra Krishna, AppleButter Animated, Matea Losenegger, Angela Hsieh, Ana Mouyis, Sara Spink, Selina Donahue, Dena Springer, Dorca Musseb Additional design: Darren Enterline Narrator: Raechel Won Music & Sound design: Cathead Noise & Lunar Year